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  • simon benoit

    Heat makes the runner unhappy: here’s why

    Exposure to high temperatures and humidity is a major challenge for any participant of an endurance running race. Add to this an absence of wind and the invisible enemy, ultraviolet or UV rays, and the runner is faced with a truly fearsome climactic challenge. During the off-season, many runners plan to race abroad in hostile […] Plus

  • simon benoit

    Feeling depressed or anxious? Try running as a medicine.

    Let’s face it: we live in a stressful world, and now we are all experiencing a new collective stress as we undergo this worldwide pandemic. We all know folks who are affected by mental health issues. Can a good physician prescribe running for depression or anxiety disorders? Most people report feeling better and “energized” after […] Plus

  • simon benoit

    Becoming a run-commuter, the prescription of Doc Benoit

    Our collaborator Simon Benoit, an emergency doctor at the Verdun Hospital in Montreal, runs to work every day. As doctor who prescribes running through his chronicles of Distances+, he expands upon the common theme of reconciling family, work to recommend, if you can, to become yourself, dear readers, run-commuters. The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology […] Plus

  • étudiant physiothérapie

    How to choose the best professional to treat an injury

    A runner who goes too hard, too fast or too often places great mechanical stress on his body and risks exceeding his body’s ability to adapt. This is when injuries occur. When you are injured, consulting a skilled professional not only speeds up recovery, but also helps you understand the mechanisms that are essential to […] Plus

  • coeur soleil sculpture

    Covid19: we are united against you!

    Dr. Simon Benoit divides his time between his responsibilities as a doctor in the emergency department of the Verdun Hospital in Montreal, Canada, and as a chief doctor at a Medical Clinic. A complete reorganization of the Quebec health care system has been carried out over the past weeks to put everything in place to […] Plus

  • Yoga

    Choosing the right type of yoga according to your running goals

    Yoga can optimize your training for achieving your running goals. As a matter of fact, you can introduce different types of yoga into your training plan which will, each with their particularities, allow you to progress healthily. Just as recovery is as important as training, the practice of active and muscular yoga is as important […] Plus

  • Une coureuse

    Five Tips to Avoid Running to the Restroom During Your Race

    It’s the biggest race of your season. You’re nervous, but everything seems to be under control. But now your digestive system won’t cooperate. For a runner, what could be more unpleasant than having digestive problems during a run? Fortunately, there are solutions to help you prevent this issue. Here are five of them. First, let’s […] Plus

  • foot print sand

    On the Relevance and Prescription of Foot Orthotics

    The popularity of foot orthotics is on the rise. They are prescribed by many professionals with various educational backgrounds, from podologists, to orthotists, and podiatric physicians. The cost of prescribed foot orthotics varies widely, from as little as $10 for manufactured products sold in pharmacies to several hundred dollars for soft material orthotics molded by […] Plus

  • coureur souliers

    Runners and anti-inflammatories: controversy and options

    We saw in the first article written about this subject that pain episodes associated with an injury are frequently treated with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) in sports medicine. Two specific outcomes are targeted by NSAIDs: the treatment of pain and the treatment of the injury itself. Let’s try to understand the impact and effectiveness of […] Plus

  • Un coureur

    The side effects of anti-inflammatory drugs: your need-to-know

    In Canada only, 19 million prescriptions for pain relievers are written each year and $4.5 billion is spent on every imaginable type of pain relievers available over the counter. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are popular with athletes who are looking for a quick solution to their aches and pains. In this class of drugs you […] Plus