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  • emelie forsberg sky runner

    Emelie Forsberg Signs an Ode to Simplicity

    With the publication of her book, Sky Runner, Emelie Forsberg has given us a beautiful declaration of her love for life. Unpretentious and humble, the famous ultramarathoner and trail runner delivers bits and pieces of what makes her happy, and gives us a crazy desire to breathe in the present moment. For those who are […] More

  • fjallmaraton

    Spartan Enters the International Trail Running Fray this Weekend

    Known for its obstacle course races, the Spartan organization has recently taken to trail running. It is this very weekend that its brand new trail running world championship begins, with the Fjällmaraton in Sweden. Distances+ met with circuit general manager Mariano Alvarez and his colleague Josue Stephens, discussed their ambitions, which compete against other circuits […] More

  • Grace Panoff : « Mentally, I am very strong »

    “Mentally, I am very strong.” That’s all Grace Panoff says when I ask her how a 54-year-old goes from being a slightly full-figured woman to an ultrarunner. With this mind of steel, which she brought with her as child from the UK, Grace has completed marathons, Ironmans and even a 100 miler, despite not being […] More