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  • trail

    Some Notions on How to be Effective on Climbs While on a Trail Run

    One of the peculiarities of most trail races is the great importance of the vertical gain and drop. The name given to this sport should sometimes be questioned, since in trail « running » it is often more efficient to walk, at least on the climbs. Here are a few things to think about when training climbs […] Plus

  • raquette hiver

    Snowshoe racing: what to know to get started

    Snowshoe racing has grown in popularity in the recent years. As more and more runners want to start practicing this discipline, Luc Néron, certified level 2 trainer by « Course à » and instructor at the « Club de course la Meute du Chibougamau, » offers his advice for choosing the right equipment, clothes […] Plus

  • raquette hiver

    Running Snowshoes: your best friend for this winter

    Each year, the return of the cold and the fall rains is a reminder that the best of the trail running season is behind us. We try one last outing, but the grip is weak and the stabilizing muscles are strained. Some abdicate, even if they would like to continue. The solution: snowshoes! Distances+ offers […] Plus

  • gravel bike

    Gravel Cycling as Cross Training for the Trail Runner

    We all know how critical the options for cross training are for the dedicated trail, distance and ultra runner, especially if we are injured or in need of a new challenge. Cycling is a popular outlet in general, but what about this new sport and variation of bicycle? Gravel cycling is one of the recent […] Plus

  • eloise_rochefort_yoga

    Preventing IT Band Syndrome With Two Yoga Postures

    When Iliotibial Band Syndrome strikes, it can last for months. Hard, lengthy months. This problem, which manifests in severe knee pain, is common in endurance runners. And, a lack of flexibility is recognized as a risk factor. Stretching can possibly save you a lot of trouble! The Iliotibial band is a strip of fibrous tissue […] Plus

  • stretching runner

    Do We Really Need to Stretch?

    To stretch or not to stretch, that is the question. Stretch before, stretch after? Stretch for 10 seconds? Stretch for two minutes? What types of stretches to try? Should we stretch, warm up or both? Does science have a clear answer to all of these questions? One thing is certain, popular opinion still seems clearly […] Plus

  • yoga eloise rochefort

    How to increase your resistance to stress… with yoga

    There are many benefits to yoga. The first that comes to mind is flexibility. But there’s more. Did you know that you can substantially increase your resistance to stress with a few “asanas”? Indeed, working on your ability to focus can improve your response to stress, which can positively affect your endurance as a runner. Here’s […] Plus

  • club de trail de montreal

    Running wisely means focusing on quality rather than quantity

    GPS watches, as well as our lovely social networks (Strava, Facebook and others), have the annoying habit of pushing us to increase our training volume rather than its quality and specificity. Although very useful, these tools can quickly become a runner’s worst enemy. There are many theories on training better to reach your trail running […] Plus

  • coureur ville béton

    How To Run in the Era of Social Distancing

    Many of us are feeling extra anxiety these days and so we are yearning to get our running workouts in. Some of us are enjoying the enforced time off. Still others are sticking to their regular routes, or trying to, but potentially feeling the effects of guilt or shame from the effects that running has […] Plus

  • yoga mireille masse

    Confined at home, yoga and meditation allow you to stay active and calm

    The global Covid-19 pandemic has plunged us into a period of uncertainty and stress. In some countries, the constraints are quite severe. Forced to stay at home, runners accustomed to training freely in the open air wherever they wish find themselves in an restrictive situation, confined to their homes and neighborhoods. Yoga and meditation can […] Plus

  • Souliers minmalistes

    Choosing a Shoe Is an Exercise in Itself: Minimalism Explained

    In running, as in everything else, trends come and go. The minimalist style, very fashionable a few years ago, has now apparently give way to shoes with high stack height. Almost every manufacturer is constantly offering new models in this style with the promise of improved performance and reduced risk of injury. How can you […] Plus

  • You, Cross Training & Yoga

    Despite its rapid growth in recent years, yoga may still feel like it is meant either for people with amazing flexibility or a more esoteric side than the average person or runner. Take note: the practice of yoga could be the cross-training tool that might allow you to strengthen your running skills, and also allow […] Plus

  • Treadmills

    Five Treadmill Workouts That Mimic Trail Running & Training

    Not everyone lives near trails or even hills, let alone mountains. And yet there are so many trail runners who must specifically train in their local and sometimes limited environments for the unique challenges of destination trail races worldwide. The treadmill is a critical tool to allow them to access ˝hills˝. A treadmill workout is […] Plus

  • Three Great Reasons to Take Up Cross-Training

    Last year, the elite athlete Dakota Jones won the famous American Pikes Peak Marathon race, after riding there … on his bicycle. He traveled for more than 400 km in four days, ostensibly as a warm up, and in particular to raise money for an environmental group. Might one consider that cross-training be part of […] Plus