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    Inflammation: prevention with food, not medication

    A recent study reported that more than half of all runners will take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen or naproxen as a preventive measure before a race. The extent of this practice, reported by Doc Benoit in his column, may seem surprising, as does the fact that the associated benefits are only marginal […] More

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    Is intermittent fasting useful for endurance athletes?

    Intermittent fasting is sometimes incorrectly associated with many health benefits. This diet is gaining in popularity, as many people tout its many benefits such as weight loss, lower blood pressure and improved risk factors for metabolic syndrome. The question remains: Can intermittent fasting actually help endurance athletes? Types of Intermittent Fasting Intermittent fasting refers to […] More

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    Be Careful Not To Drink TOO Much During A Race

    As an athlete I have received a lot of advice on this subject: “Drink before you are thirsty,” “Thirst is a sign of dehydration.” “Weight loss during exercise, however small, is a sign of dehydration and may result in reduced physical performance. It is important to drink so that you do not lose more than […] More

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    Myths and Facts About Protein: Too Much, Too Little, Not Enough?

    Many runners wonder if they are getting enough protein to support their training load. It’s true that protein is essential to promote optimal recovery and maintain the integrity of your muscles. That said, your diet probably provides you with everything you need if it is balanced and if you eat enough to satisfy your appetite. […] More

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    Becoming a Fat Adapted Athlete for Ultrarunning

    Your body’s fat stores, also known as adipose tissue, are an almost endless source of energy compared to glycogen, or carbohydrate stores. This is the case even for a very lean runner. This energy reserve is an asset during a run of several hours… provided that you are able to use it properly during the […] More

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    Running on a vegan diet: here’s what you should know

    We can attest that Scott Jurek was an elite ultramarathon runner and vegan, but could we suggest that he was the best in part because he is vegan? Good question! I did not discuss veganism with Scott, but rather with Éloïse Rochefort, marathon runner and collaborator at Distances+. A few years ago, she became vegan. […] More

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    Chips and soft drinks during an ultra? Tell me about it!

    At one recent ultra, I reached the first aid station after about two hours and forty-five minutes of running. I ingested water, cola and broth, then gulped down two or three gnocchi and a handful of pretzels. A snack out of the ordinary? Certainly! Effective? Equally! Here’s why. I need food now! In endurance and […] More

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    How Your Gut Microbiota Will Make You a Better Runner

    One truly never runs alone. About 100,000 billion microscopic organisms accompany you on your day to day. These are the bacteria that live in your intestines, called the microbiota, or gut flora. These millions upon millions of micro-organisms might help you become a better runner if you were to take better care of them every day. What Your Microbiota Can […] More

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    Beware, alcohol affects fitness!

    We all love racing, and we also love post-race parties. Having a beer or two is refreshing and relaxing. But it isn’t necessarily healthy! How might we make alcohol and training compatible? Alcohol: tasty… but not good Some people will tell you that the correct answer is to not drink any alcohol. I don’t want […] More

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    What and How to Eat the Four Days Before a Big Race

    Four days before the start of your competition, all bets have been placed as far as your training is concerned. For your diet, it’s another ball game. You still have lots to benefit from over the next few day with regards to what you can eat. Pre-race strategy No matter how far you are running […] More

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    Six tips to avoid bonking during a race

    If you haven’t eaten anything after an hour into the race, a loss of energy, or “bonk”, is most likely to occur. This is especially true for competitors running at high intensity. Let me tell you a story: everything was going well. I was about 15 km into a road race. I was maintaining my cruising […] More