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  • utmb

    To be part of the UTMB World Series Circuit, Races Must be Sold to Either UTMB or Ironman

    The news caused a stir in the trail industry last week: the “UTMB Group” and the American company “The Ironman Group” are joining forces to create a new world trail circuit, the “UTMB World Series” (UWS) the same time they are scuttling the Ultra-Trail World Tour. What was not announced and that Distances+ understood by […] Plus

  • mathieu blanchard

    The 2021 Transgrancanaria kicks off as major trail events restart

    This weekend is the 20th edition of the vaunted Transgrancanaria HG, a multi-distance trail and ultra-distance competition held yearly in the Spanish Canary Islands off the coast of the northwestern Africa. As the pandemic lingers and runners continue to manage hopes and expectations, it is still one of the major international events which has been […] Plus

  • Films

    Here are 5 trail running films to watch for free on the web

    Not all films about trail and ultrarunning make it to Netflix like The Barkley Marathons or have the opportunity to be narrated by celebrities such as Matt Damon in Running the Sahara, but there are many lesser known films showcasing the perseverance, dedication and mental fortitude involved in trail and ultra running. It’s always inspiring […] Plus

  • trail

    Some Notions on How to be Effective on Climbs While on a Trail Run

    One of the peculiarities of most trail races is the great importance of the vertical gain and drop. The name given to this sport should sometimes be questioned, since in trail « running » it is often more efficient to walk, at least on the climbs. Here are a few things to think about when training climbs […] Plus

  • andrea huser

    Ultra-trail Champion Andrea Huser Falls to her Death during Mountain Training

    The body of the ultra-trail champion was found on Monday, November 30 near the ski resort of Sass-Fee in the Swiss Alps. The athlete, who among other things won the Diagonale des Fous twice, as well as the general classification of the Ultra-trail World Tour (2017), slipped from the path she was on while trying […] Plus

  • gravel bike

    Gravel Cycling as Cross Training for the Trail Runner

    We all know how critical the options for cross training are for the dedicated trail, distance and ultra runner, especially if we are injured or in need of a new challenge. Cycling is a popular outlet in general, but what about this new sport and variation of bicycle? Gravel cycling is one of the recent […] Plus

  • elliot cardin

    Elliot Cardin faced an unforeseen enemy on the trails of the Gaspésie

    At the beginning of July, a heat wave enveloped the entire Gaspésie region (Québec), in the heart of the Chic-Chocs, to its highest peaks. On the trails, a young ultrarunner set out to claim a course record for the longest distance he had yet to attempt, but the temperature made the endeavor impossible; Elliot Cardin’s […] Plus

  • ultra-trail-harricana

    Ultrarunning is Growing in Popularity: The Numbers

    Ultramarathons are becoming more popular, and the numbers prove it. A new statistical analysis shows that participation in long-distance races has increased by 1696% over the last 25 years! Last January, Paul Ronto, Content Director at RunRepeat, in collaboration with Vania Nikolova, an expert in mathematical analysis, and the International Association of Ultrarunners, published a […] Plus

  • emelie forsberg sky runner

    Emelie Forsberg Signs an Ode to Simplicity

    With the publication of her book, Sky Runner, Emelie Forsberg has given us a beautiful declaration of her love for life. Unpretentious and humble, the famous ultramarathoner and trail runner delivers bits and pieces of what makes her happy, and gives us a crazy desire to breathe in the present moment. For those who are […] Plus

  • une femme mange un sandwich

    Eat to Perform: Getting Back to Basics

    The off season, and let’s face it, isolation is the perfect time to analyze last season and prepare as best as possible for the next. This goes for nutrition. However, given this shift, we may tend to attach greater focus to our meals immediately before training or a race and what to eat during these […] Plus

  • Nourriture

    The Ketogenic Diet for Runners: The Lack of Evidence

    Even the leanest of us has fat stored to use as an almost inexhaustible source of energy. Strategies that theoretically maximize its use, such as the ketogenic diet, might allow one to perform better during prolonged periods of exercise. The interest in the ketogenic diet in endurance and ultra-endurance sports is based on this premise. […] Plus

  • mike sidic

    Mike Sidic’s Explosive Arrival on the West Coast’s Ultrarunning Scene

    One of the most exciting individuals to explode onto the west coast trail and ultrarunning scene recently is Vancouver-native Mike Sidic, 37, who in fact began his journey towards the trails as a bicycle courier. Sidic won North Vancouver’s prestigious Knee Knackering 30 mile trail run in both 2018 and 2019. And, he is not […] Plus

  • rickey gates cross country

    Rickey Gates’ Trans-Continental Run

    Gates’ book  « Cross Country – A 3700-Mile Run to Explore America » begins with a double hangover: the first due to alcohol and the second due to the election of Donald Trump. Surprised by Trump’s victory, he realizes that he ultimately knows very little about his own country. He then decides to cross the nation from […] Plus

  • Pico Ruivo

    Madeira: a feast for the eyes… and legs

    With serrated peaks, green canyons, and cliffs that dive straight into the ocean, Madeira has it all. Located 700 km off the coast of Morocco, this 727 square kilometer island is a discrete, well-hidden gem that ranks high among the best places in the world for trail running. And for good reason! With countless itineraries […] Plus