Our mission, our actions, our values

Distances+ is a magazine that connects sports and nature enthusiasts


Distances+ inspires people to bring sport into their lives, so that they experience an improvement in their overall physical and mental health. Our company works for a healthier society.

Distances+ democratizes the practice of sport and the outdoors by telling inspiring stories of elite and amateur athletes alike.


We transmit quality information on running and outdoor news all over the world.

We popularize training, health and nutrition concepts and present a lifestyle focused on sport and nature, in order to contribute to a culture of wellness and well-being.



We believe that humans have everything they need to fulfill their potential and accomplish their mission during their brief time on Earth.

We believe that sport is one of the best ways to realize this potential: sport is good for the body and mind; it encourages us to push our limits and get to know each other better; it makes us join communities that share our interests; it confronts us with all kinds of realities from which we learn; it makes us more resilient and stronger.

We believe that nature is our home, that we must discover it in order to appreciate it, frequent it to know it, respect it and protect it. We are part of it, nature is us.

We believe in the wealth of communities. Meeting people, listening to them and sharing what we experience, what we feel and what we think, all of this weaves the richness of human experience.


Distances+ is a multi-platform digital media that uses all of the audiovisual and web resources to communicate stories and facts to its readers.

We talk about trail running internationally in our words and our way of seeing things. We are also opening the door to other endurance and outdoor sports as well as sports travel.

We transmit to the public exact and verified information on this sport which brings us closer to nature.

We are following the news. We are digging up files. We have a community approach.

We are professional. The quality of our production sets us apart. We are not a blog, but a serious and objective magazine.

We believe in written articles. We like to tell good stories that inspire and motivate in words.

We also believe in the power of images. We distribute photos and videos on our platforms to support our stories, highlight them, disseminate additional information and reach all types of readers.

We believe in the importance of audio and we develop quality sound content.


Distances+ talks about elite athletes from everywhere, because we are a niche magazine, and these stars or elites are the leading players in our discipline.

We also talk about recreational runners when their story is inspiring and conveys the values ​​in which we recognize ourselves.

We provide the most up-to-date science, nutrition, training and health information.

We are an inclusive media, which rejects sexism, homophobia, racism, vulgarity, offense, demagoguery, lies, defamation or any other type of exclusion.

We attach as much importance to women as to men.

We allow all parties to express themselves.

We make sure to correct any factual errors, if they occur, as quickly as possible.


When it carries out its journalistic mission, Distances+ is not at the service of companies or any external mercantile interest.

We are not there to sell listings or to market a good or service. We do not issue press releases.

We choose our subjects according to our editorial judgment and we decide on our distribution deadlines, within the limits of our resources. We serve the public interest.

We do not have our texts approved before distribution, in order to keep our independence.


Distances Media, the parent company behind Distances+ and Ravito Trail, offers products and services to businesses, such as the production of sponsored content and the dissemination of advertising on its various platforms.

We choose these customers with care. We make sure they share a common vision with us.

When publishing sponsored content, we clearly notify our audience by a distinctive design and a written notice.

The content is produced by members of the Distances+ team and edited by a member of management, in the tone, style and manner that sets us apart.

Distances Media sells advertising displays to its customers. A website monetization agency also works to fill our unsold spaces.

These revenues allow us to continue our work. We ask our readers to deactivate their ad blocker so that we can fulfill our mission.

For any information on the Distances+ editorial line or for comments: info@distances.plus