Hi there!

Distances+ was launched in 2016 in Montreal, Quebec, and spent its first three years focusing on the local trail and ultra scene there, as well as international events where Quebecers tend to participate, such as La Réunion, or Martinique.

Currently Distances+ is in the process of expansion to bridge to our English-Canadian and American friends and to thus create a truly international trail running online magazine.

We’ll be undertaking this process slowly but surely; as you can see, the rest of the articles are in French!

You can already follow us on Facebook.

We would love the first readers to provide feedback and let us know what they wish to read in English on our site – trail running advice, events, athletes, previews, or more!

We are also recruiting volunteer writers to help us expand the English articles on this site. We would love to compensate, but for now you would choose to write for the love of this nascent sport and expand your portfolio. 

To comment or to volunteer, please write us a short email at info@distances.plus

Thanks in advance!