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  • Films

    Here are 5 trail running films to watch for free on the web

    Not all films about trail and ultrarunning make it to Netflix like The Barkley Marathons or have the opportunity to be narrated by celebrities such as Matt Damon in Running the Sahara, but there are many lesser known films showcasing the perseverance, dedication and mental fortitude involved in trail and ultra running. It’s always inspiring […] More

  • compétition

    A great option: combining racing and family holiday

    We sometimes pull our hair out trying to reconcile family life and training. The time of year when we potentially have the most time for us is also the perfect time to reunite with family. This is why we suggest when planning your annual races, for example, to choose a sporting event at your future […] More

  • enfant realite virutelle

    Virtual reality, to allow sick children to dive in the great outdoors

    Not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to hit the trails in search of their boundaries. Sometimes illness stops the momentum. To allay suffering initiatives exist, such as that of the « Baskets aux Pieds » foundation, which gets sick children to take wing. A little girl, virtual reality goggles screwed on her head, […] More


    The Philosophy of the Happy Runner

    The Happy Runner is an upbeat book about a training philosophy to run fast and for a long time with joy and good sense of humour. A method to which many top ultra-trailers subscribe. The book is aimed in particular at runners who are a little tired of training, to the point of having lost […] More

  • ultra-trail-harricana

    Ultrarunning is Growing in Popularity: The Numbers

    Ultramarathons are becoming more popular, and the numbers prove it. A new statistical analysis shows that participation in long-distance races has increased by 1696% over the last 25 years! Last January, Paul Ronto, Content Director at RunRepeat, in collaboration with Vania Nikolova, an expert in mathematical analysis, and the International Association of Ultrarunners, published a […] More

  • emelie forsberg sky runner

    Emelie Forsberg Signs an Ode to Simplicity

    With the publication of her book, Sky Runner, Emelie Forsberg has given us a beautiful declaration of her love for life. Unpretentious and humble, the famous ultramarathoner and trail runner delivers bits and pieces of what makes her happy, and gives us a crazy desire to breathe in the present moment. For those who are […] More

  • Building a better Runner

    Building a Better Runner : training deconstructed to help build your own personalized plan

    Every athlete will look at their training plan with an approach that is unique to them. However, it is undeniable that runners do benefit from a structured and specific training plan to improve their performance. Which training guide should you use? Distances+ read the book Building A Better Runner, written by Terry Hamlin and published […] More