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  • Pico Ruivo

    Madeira: a feast for the eyes… and legs

    With serrated peaks, green canyons, and cliffs that dive straight into the ocean, Madeira has it all. Located 700 km off the coast of Morocco, this 727 square kilometer island is a discrete, well-hidden gem that ranks high among the best places in the world for trail running. And for good reason! With countless itineraries […] More


    Cape Town, South Africa: Hiking at Land’s End

    Before setting foot in the province of Western Cape, South Africa, little did I know that I was about to explore the ultimate playground for outdoor enthusiasts. Dominated by grey, jagged peaks, and with the ocean nearby, this surreal landscape is perfect for running, hiking, cycling, paragliding, hand gliding, and surfing. If you can muster […] More