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  • raquette hiver

    Snowshoe racing: what to know to get started

    Snowshoe racing has grown in popularity in the recent years. As more and more runners want to start practicing this discipline, Luc Néron, certified level 2 trainer by « Course à » and instructor at the « Club de course la Meute du Chibougamau, » offers his advice for choosing the right equipment, clothes […] More

  • raquette hiver

    Running Snowshoes: your best friend for this winter

    Each year, the return of the cold and the fall rains is a reminder that the best of the trail running season is behind us. We try one last outing, but the grip is weak and the stabilizing muscles are strained. Some abdicate, even if they would like to continue. The solution: snowshoes! Distances+ offers […] More