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  • coureur sport course hydratation

    Be Careful Not To Drink TOO Much During A Race

    As an athlete I have received a lot of advice on this subject: “Drink before you are thirsty,” “Thirst is a sign of dehydration.” “Weight loss during exercise, however small, is a sign of dehydration and may result in reduced physical performance. It is important to drink so that you do not lose more than […] More

  • viande meat

    Myths and Facts About Protein: Too Much, Too Little, Not Enough?

    Many runners wonder if they are getting enough protein to support their training load. It’s true that protein is essential to promote optimal recovery and maintain the integrity of your muscles. That said, your diet probably provides you with everything you need if it is balanced and if you eat enough to satisfy your appetite. […] More

  • coureur runner

    Becoming a Fat Adapted Athlete for Ultrarunning

    Your body’s fat stores, also known as adipose tissue, are an almost endless source of energy compared to glycogen, or carbohydrate stores. This is the case even for a very lean runner. This energy reserve is an asset during a run of several hours… provided that you are able to use it properly during the […] More

  • Une coureuse

    Five Tips to Avoid Running to the Restroom During Your Race

    It’s the biggest race of your season. You’re nervous, but everything seems to be under control. But now your digestive system won’t cooperate. For a runner, what could be more unpleasant than having digestive problems during a run? Fortunately, there are solutions to help you prevent this issue. Here are five of them. First, let’s […] More