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    Preventing IT Band Syndrome With Two Yoga Postures

    When Iliotibial Band Syndrome strikes, it can last for months. Hard, lengthy months. This problem, which manifests in severe knee pain, is common in endurance runners. And, a lack of flexibility is recognized as a risk factor. Stretching can possibly save you a lot of trouble! The Iliotibial band is a strip of fibrous tissue […] More

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    How to increase your resistance to stress… with yoga

    There are many benefits to yoga. The first that comes to mind is flexibility. But there’s more. Did you know that you can substantially increase your resistance to stress with a few “asanas”? Indeed, working on your ability to focus can improve your response to stress, which can positively affect your endurance as a runner. Here’s […] More

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    Choosing the right type of yoga according to your running goals

    Yoga can optimize your training for achieving your running goals. As a matter of fact, you can introduce different types of yoga into your training plan which will, each with their particularities, allow you to progress healthily. Just as recovery is as important as training, the practice of active and muscular yoga is as important […] More

  • You, Cross Training & Yoga

    Despite its rapid growth in recent years, yoga may still feel like it is meant either for people with amazing flexibility or a more esoteric side than the average person or runner. Take note: the practice of yoga could be the cross-training tool that might allow you to strengthen your running skills, and also allow […] More